Products CO2 Non-explosive blasting system
Brief Introduction:Anenng upgrade the Cardox tube system, enable it is widely used in various rock-breaking field. A tube can break at least 50 cubic meter of hard rocks, while 100+ tubes can be initiated in once. The working principle is liquid-gas phase transformation. A special sealed tube is designed to fill with liquid CO2, while provide enough heat source inside the tubes in short time, liquid CO2 will be transformed to gaseous CO2 and generate tremendous expansion force by its 600+ times of expansion volum. And this expansion force can be lead to break rocks easily by special structure design. The tubes can be reloaded and reuse repeatly about 300-500 times. Features:1. CO2 is a relatively inert gas; it is non-flammable and stable. The blasting procedure is a physical proc...
It is for charging liquid CO2 into blasting tubes. Portable operation, just put the clamp into the tube (charge-head) and turn on the valve, gas-filling is started. Quick operation,  it finishs 10kg-CO2 charging within 30sec.
It is for storage of the Liquid CO2Size: 78*90*205cmVolume: 499L (Other volume optional)High pressure 2.5Mpa
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