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CO2 non-explosive rock break system is especially useful under conditions that require tight dynamite control and where blasting-related vibration are not allowed.
Brief Introduction:Anenng upgrade the Cardox tube system, enable it is widely used in various rock-breaking field. A tube can break at least 50 cubic meter of hard rocks, while 100+ tubes can be initiated in once. The working principle is liquid-gas phase transformation. A special sealed tube is designed to fill with liquid CO2, while provide enough heat source inside the tubes in short time, liquid CO2 will be transformed to gaseous CO2 and generate tremendous expansion force by its 600+ times of expansion volum. And this expansion force can be lead to break rocks easily by special structure design. The tubes can be reloaded and reuse repeatly about 300-500 times. Features:1. CO2 is a relatively inert gas; it is non-flammable and stable. The blasting procedure is a physical proc...
It is for charging liquid CO2 into blasting tubes. Portable operation, just put the clamp into the tube (charge-head) and turn on the valve, gas-filling is started. Quick operation,  it finishs 10kg-CO2 charging within 30sec.
It is for storage of the Liquid CO2Size: 78*90*205cmVolume: 499L (Other volume optional)High pressure 2.5Mpa
Anneng excavator attached drills can help you to  save the money to purchase a whole drilling jumbo. Benefit from the excavator crawler and rotation system, it can working in some bad circumstance, it is wider working range.  Anneng Patented oil distribution design, adapts to different working stations and keep the best performance. All valves imported from US and Germany, ensure pricise and durable.
Excavator attached drills means keeping the existing excavator functionality, using its oil system, connecting a special hydraulic converter, replace the bucket with drills. It can be hydraulic drills, DTH drills, auger drills, etc. One equipment serves multi purpose.Anneng Machinery owns related excavator-modify patents. Clients can view the real cases at any time. Just tell us your drilling diameter, depth, excavator model number as well as working conditions, our technical team will offer the best solutions and solve the rest problems for you.  Applications: Blasting hole, demolition agent hole, foundation construction, roading, bridging, edge reinforce, etc.Advantages:1.       Save the money to purchase a whole drilling jumbo.2.  &...
Attaching DTH drills on excavator, it can drill hard rocks (F8), it also belongs to rotary-type drill and integrates actions of impaction, rotation, penetration, flushing, etc. But it has different impaction structure, the hammer is in the front end and enter into the bottom of the hole along with the drilling bit. So it can drill deeper and bigger holes. Advantages:1.       Excavator has better crawling and rotating performance. It can work in some flatless surface.2.       Operation inside cabin, more safe.3.       Patented oil distrubution design, adapts to different working stations and keep the best performance. All valves imported from US and Germany, ensure pricise and durable.4. ...
While drilling rocks inside tunnel (underground),  free rotation is necessary. Anneng add double rotary system on the drills, enable it work on any surface / angle freely. Applications:Underground blasting hole, anchoring, etc.Advantages:1.       Replace the manual pneumatic drills by hydraulic drills, high-efficient, healthier to labors. While much lower cost than drilling jumbo.2.       Double rotary system, 360 degree freely rotation.3.       Wireless remote controller, the operator just control the drilling status inside cabin, convenient and safe.4.       Germany-imported high quality oil valves, precise and durable.
挖掘机改装螺旋钻系列产品用途   挖掘机改装螺旋钻是一种适合建筑基础工程中快速成孔作业的施工机械,适用于电力、电信、市政、高铁、高速、公路、建筑、石油、林木等各种土质层上面的柱杆应用领域    工程领域:土石方工程、拆除工程、路桥工程、隧道掘进工程、开挖工程、水利工程等; 采矿领域:石材开采(大理石、花岗岩、石灰岩等)、金属矿、煤矿等;产品优点1:多款液压凿岩机可供选择,包含不同品牌、不同型号;2:工地现场装卸,便捷迅速;3:凿岩速度快,在硬度7.6度的岩石上速度可以达到1分钟一米;4:操作简单;5:钻孔成本低,购买价格是凿岩钻车的1/10,效率比风动凿岩钻车高。
装载机改装液压钻机    装载机是一种广泛用于公路、铁路、建筑、水电、港口、矿山等建设工程的土石方施工机械,它主要用于铲装土壤、砂石、石灰、煤炭等散状物料,也可对矿石、硬土等作轻度铲挖作业。将转载机改装成液压凿岩钻,使装载机的功能多样化。装载机改液压钻机技术参数表产品用途项目ANZY2-150/20ANZY2-200/25    装载机改钻机(简称“钻装机”)是一种集凿岩与装载两种功能于一体的高效连续作业装备。其应用提高了掘进速度,降低了工人的劳动强度,保障了作业人员的安全,使掘进施工作业更加安全,很好的实现了岩巷快速掘进的机械化作业需求。同时解决了中小巷道多种设备错不开车的问题。钻孔断面20平方25平方应用领域装载能力150立方/小时200立方/小时    主要用于矿山岩巷、铁路隧道以及其他工程巷道中的掘进作业。整机机重30000kg22000kg产品优点最小转弯半径7m1 钻进效率高,钻进速度快,钻头损耗小 ;                           2 双臂凿岩,机动灵活;3 采用反铲机构扒取岩石送入自身刮板运输机,也可以用扒斗来清理工作面,推进力大,扒取范围广,可以全断面装岩,不留死角;            &#...
Anneng cooperate with French hydraulic drifter leader to supply the top-class drifter, it  is designed with unique auto-adaptive system  with its capacity to adjust the energy and frequency, so that has those merits of high drilling efficiency, lower consumption and longer lifespan.
Efficient productivity: When drilling various rocks, the drillability of rocks (the ability to withstand damage by drilling rocks) and the corrosivity of rocks determine the speed of drilling and the choice of drilling methods. Rotary impact type drill for drilling in medium hard rock and hard rock, the impact energy and the rotary torque of the hydraulic rock drill can be adjusted, the strong impact of low rotation mode in hard rock, soft rock can be used on the way in the light of high rotary impact, in the hard rock on the impact and the best way to get into the rotary speed of drilling.The hydraulic drilling machine adopts innovative design, according to the hardness of the rock, automatically adjust the impact energy, impact frequency, pick up the drill with the rock to maintain maxim...
• High performance • Best reliability • Long maintenance intervals • Low tool consumption
液压凿岩机液压凿岩机系列轻型凿岩机、YY45、YY90、YD90中型凿岩机、HC /FD系列 进口凿岩机适用工况铁路隧道的掘进、水利建设中,岩石掘进、矿山开采、煤矿岩巷的掘进及公路、国防等石方工程的开采等优点1与气动凿岩机比,能量利用率高、输出功率大,凿岩速度高、环保、噪音达到对人体无害的程度。2可根据工作环境、凿孔的直径大小和深度,被凿岩石的特性等,合理地选择不同液压凿岩机。3 凯强力系列液压凿岩机可匹配各种钻架、钻车、挖掘机等载体适应不同施工工况施工效率在F=7.6度的岑溪红上钻孔速度是0.8-1m/min。
液压凿岩机液压凿岩机系列轻型凿岩机、YY45、YY90、YD90中型凿岩机、HC /FD系列 进口凿岩机适用工况铁路隧道的掘进、水利建设中,岩石掘进、矿山开采、煤矿岩巷的掘进及公路、国防等石方工程的开采等优点1与气动凿岩机比,能量利用率高、输出功率大,凿岩速度高、环保、噪音达到对人体无害的程度。2可根据工作环境、凿孔的直径大小和深度,被凿岩石的特性等,合理地选择不同液压凿岩机。3 凯强力系列液压凿岩机可匹配各种钻架、钻车、挖掘机等载体适应不同施工工况施工效率在F=7.6度的岑溪红上钻孔速度是0.8-1m/min。
液压凿岩机液压凿岩机系列轻型凿岩机、YY45、YY90、YD90中型凿岩机、HC /FD系列 进口凿岩机适用工况铁路隧道的掘进、水利建设中,岩石掘进、矿山开采、煤矿岩巷的掘进及公路、国防等石方工程的开采等优点1与气动凿岩机比,能量利用率高、输出功率大,凿岩速度高、环保、噪音达到对人体无害的程度。2可根据工作环境、凿孔的直径大小和深度,被凿岩石的特性等,合理地选择不同液压凿岩机。3 凯强力系列液压凿岩机可匹配各种钻架、钻车、挖掘机等载体适应不同施工工况施工效率在F=7.6度的岑溪红上钻孔速度是0.8-1m/min。
Anneng make high quality handiness hydraulic rock splitter, column hydraulic rock splitter, excavator attached hydraulic splitter, etc. High splitting force, durable.
手持式液压分裂机组成手持式液压劈裂器和液压泵站(电动油站/柴油油站)适用工况 大块矿石的二次分解、混凝土构件局部和全部拆迁作业等优点1效率高、成本低、安全完全可以取代二次爆破和手工解体;2其劈块拥有专利技术,延长使用寿命,减小摩擦力,增大分裂力3其多款系列液压劈裂机可适应不同工况需求施工效率单机分裂力可达400-500T,数秒钟就可完成分裂过程
柱式液压分裂机        柱式液压份裂机通过超高压油站提供高压油作为能量源,驱动油缸产生巨大推动力,并作用在劈裂棒中分布的柱塞上,柱塞产生1200吨的分裂力,直接作用在岩石孔内,在2-3分钟内将岩石从山体中分离。整机参数表型号劈裂孔径柱式分裂棒直径最小钻孔深度额定工作压力机重ANZP9090mm84mm900mm120Mpa《500kg动力站参数表动力型号油箱容量功率电压工作流量工作介质可配置劈裂棒数量电动型60L3kw220/380v10L/min46#/68#抗磨液压油1-8只 区分适用组成柱式分裂棒和液压泵站适用工况地下地基工程、隧道工程、电力管道及上下水道工程、采石一次分解等优点1 完全无震动、无石头飞溅现象,安全环保2易于调整破碎方向和破碎量3超高压进口,分裂时间控制在1分钟内4与传统的炸药爆破施工相比,施工成本低施工效率六条柱式分裂器可在中硬岩石上一分钟以内预裂6至10立方知识产权两项专利
机载式液压分裂机产品用途:       大块矿石/岩石的二次劈裂:混凝土构建局部和全部拆迁作业以及紧急抢险救援,特别是道路抢险救援及隧道大石破碎等.应用领域   水泥路面、桩基、桥梁、房屋基础及矿山岩石无炮化开采等。产品优点1 结构简单、动力强劲、操作方便、安全节能、作业效率高、成本低等诸多优势。2 无须更改挖掘机油路系统,不影响挖掘机功能,真正做到一机多能、无缝对接,并有效保证挖掘机工作的稳定性。3 增加环保性,避免传统爆破产生的诸多问题(如:震动、噪音、灰尘与安全等)。4 操作人员在挖掘机驾驶室内进行操作,大大减轻操作工人的劳动强度,提升作业效率。5 在整体岩石破裂上,可以替代破碎锤,它的效率是破碎锤的5-10倍。机载劈裂机参数表型号220型/320型额定工作压力60Mpa劈裂孔径90mm/120mm分裂力2400KN/5000 KN劈块直径84mm/115mm分裂距离10-20mm劈块有效长度600mm/800mm对孔形式人工控制对孔钻孔深度1200mm/2000mm机重600-800kg
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